Fiber Cleanliness

In addition to usable fibers, cotton stock contains foreign matters of various kinds:
1. Vegetable matter:
i. Husk portions.
ii. Seed fragments.
iii. Stem fragments.
iv. Leaf fragments.
v. Wood fragments.
2. Mineral material:
i. Earth.
ii. Sand.
iii. Ore dust picked up in transport.
iv. Coal dust picked up in transport.
3. Other foreign matter:
i. Metal fragments.
ii. Cloth fragments.
iii. Packing materials (mostly polymers).
The scale below represents the degree of contamination:
Up to 1.2%
Very clean
1.2 to 2.0%
2.0 to 4.0%
4.0 to 7.0%
7.0 and above
Very dirty


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