Sewing Thread

The seam performances of the garments are influenced by sewing thread and sewing techniques and the end use desired. As a Textile Engineer, We are talking more care to construct the sewing thread, because sewing threads having some special character.
Sewing thread are special kinds of yarn. They are engineered and designed to pass through a sewing machine rapidly. To form a stitch efficiently and to function while in a sewn products without breaking or becoming distorted for at least the useful life of the product.
Properties of Sewing Thread: The sewing seam performance of the sewing thread is influenced by material to be sewn. Sewing technique and the end use desired the requirement of sewing thread can be defined as:
  1. The ability of sewing thread to meet functional requirement producing desired seam effectively.
  2. Ability to provide desired aesthetic and service ability in the seam.
  3. Cost of the sewing thread.
Functional Requirements:
i. Tensile properties: Sewing thread should have high tenacity with moderate tension. For better loop formation characteristics, the elastic modulas of the sewing should be high.
ii. Friction: Thread should be uniformity of friction over long length. Factors are responsible for giving maximum possible tension fluctuation of the yarn components in the cross section and the length.
iii. Passage through the needle eye: There should be no sudden shocks when thread passes through the eye of the needle. Needle temperature is critical for sewing thread of man made fibers.
iv. Free from knots and faults: Sewing thread should be free from knots and faults to give smooth performance.
Serviceability: During sewing, threads are subjected to abrasion over needles and fabric threads. There is a lose strength during and after sewing during fabric use. Sewing thread should have high abrasion resistance so that lose strength is minimum.

Aesthetic: Color, shade. Luster, smoothness are some of aesthe3tic related characteristics of sewing thread. Certain amount of hairiness in sewing thread has to positive effect on sewing but this effect has to be scarified for appearance. There is a tendency to use dyed sewing thread for appearance.

Cost consideration: Cost of sewing thread should be adjusted as per garments cost. For high valuable garments high valuable thread with good quality should be used. On the other for low valuable garment like T-shirt there may low valuable thread can be used but having good quality.


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