Poly means many and mer means unit. Polymer means many unit of monomer.
Example: (-CH2-CH2-)n
Here n=10000-100000
Basic classification of polymer:
  1. On the basis of origin:
    1. Natural (Cotton, wool).
    2. Synthetic (PVC, Nylon, PVA).
  2. On the basis of chemical structure:
    1. Organic (PVC, PVA).
    2. Inorganic (Glass, rubber).
  3. On the basis of thermal behavior:
    1. Thermoplastic (PVC, PET, Nylon).
    2. Thermoset (MF Resin, Bakelite).
  4. On the basis of linear structure:
    1. Chain structure.
    2. Branched.
    3. Network polymer (Bakelite).
  5. On the basis of composition:
    1. Copolymer.
    2. Homo polymer.
  6. On the basis of form and uses:
    1. Plastic (PVC).
    2. Elastomer (Silicon, rubber).
    3. Fibers (Nylon, Polyester).
    4. Liquid resin (Polysurphide sealants).


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