A fastening device operating by means of two parallel rows of metal or plastic teeth on either side of a closure that are interlocked by a sliding tab. The teeth are carried in two zip fastener tapes that run the length of the zip and which are usually stitched into apparel and other textile products. 
Types of Zipper: There are many types of zipper, such as,
  1. Coil zippers.
  2. Invisible zippers.
  3. Reverse coil zippers.
  4. Metallic zippers.
  5. Plastic-molded zippers.
  6. Open-ended zippers.
  7. Closed-ended zippers.
  8. Magnetic zippers.

Different component of a Zipper:
  1. Top Tape Extension.
  2. Top stop.
  3. Slider.
  4. Pull Tab.
  5. Tape width.
  6. Chain.
  7. Bottom stop.
  8. Bottom tape width.
  9. Single tape width.
  10. Insertion pin boll.
  11. Retainer box.
  12. Reinforcement film.


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