Industrial Garments Washing

Industrial Garments Washing is one of the major important parts for Textile sector. By industrial garments washing we can remove dust, dirt and infections material. For improving special look on garments as per fashion requirement.
There are many types of Industrial Wash. These are:
2.     Bleach Wash
3.     Stone Wash
4.     Acid Wash
5.     Enzyme Wash
6.     Caustic Wash
7.     Super-White Wash
8.     Combined Wash.
There is some physical pretreatment related to industrial  garments washing. These are Hand Scraping, Sand Blasting, Whiskering, Tagging, Crinkle Effect, Grinding, and Destroying.
There is also some chemical pretreatment related to industrial garments washing. These are Potassium per Manganate spray, Color Spray. Color spray is also known as tinting.
For garment dyeing and washing plant some machines and equipments are necessary. These are:
1.     Dyeing and washing machine.
Industrial Garments Washing2.     Hydro extractor.
3.     Drying machine.
4.     Spray boote.
5.     Brushing mannequin.
6.     Sand blasting unit.
7.     Grinding machine.
8.     Hot pressing machine.
9.     Tag gun.
10.   Minor sewing facilities.