Physical Properties of Wool Fiber

Physical properties of wool fiber are described below:
  1. Length and fineness: Wool fiber are very ( 17-25┬Ám) but not very loing (60-100mm). Wool fibers are roughly oval in cross section.
  2. Crimp: Crimp fibers are unique among natural fiber in having away structure which has great importance in particular use. It enables the fiber to hold together when twisted into a yarn. Due to its crimp wool yarns trap air and when used in garments providing an insulating barrier to loss of body heat that way wool fabric felt warm.
  3. Luster: Wool fiber have natural luster which depends very largely on the nature of fiber surface.
  4. Tenacity: Wool has a tenacity of 8.8-15CN/Tex in dry state and 7-14CN/Tex in wet state.
  5. Elongation: Wool has a elongation at break of 25-35% under standard condition and 25-50% when wet.
  6. Elastic property: Wool fibers are highly elastic. Wool fiber therefore does not crease easily and have good crease recovery. The elastic recovery of wool fiber is 65% for 20% extension and almost 100% for short extension.
  7. Effect of moisture and water: Wool fibers are hygroscopic and the most hydrophilic of textile fiber. Under ordinary atmospheric conditions wool will hold 16-18% of its weight of moisture.

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