Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

A short note on ETP: 
To save the environment of Textile industry by using Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). From different section of Textile manufacturing unit, a lot of water comes which are really very harmful and dangerous for the nature and environment. Effluent Treatment Plant is very essential part of Textile industry. There are some basic steps of Effluent Treatment Plant. The steps are:
i. Primary Filtration
ii. Cooling & Mixing.
iii. Neutralization by Acid or Alkali Dozing.
iv. Chemical Coagulation.
v. Setting & Separation of Sludge.
vi. Sludge Pit.
vii. Filtration.
viii. Discharge to Drain.
Effluent Treatment Plant is three types. They are:
1. Physical-chemical treatment plant.
2. Chemical-biological plant.
3. Biological treatment plant.


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