Thread Consumption of Basic Woven Shirt

In textile industry there are different types of sewing machines. Each machine never needs fixed amount thread to stitch. Different types of stitch need different amount of thread. Explain below,
Machines Name
Thread Required per inch in inch
Plain machine one needle
Double thread chain stitch
Over lock three thread
Over lock four thread
Over lock five thread
Flat lock three thread
Flat lock five thread
Bartak machine
Button hole machine
Button attach m/c (2 eyes)
Button attach m/c( 4 eyes)
Thread Consumption formula,
            = M×SQ×TPI×P
                        Where, M= Measurement.
                                    SQ= Sewing quality.
                                    TPI= Thread per inch.
                                    P= Part.
Thread consumption of a basic woven shirt (Here every measurement in inch):
  1. Collar:
Length= 16×2×2.5= 80 inch.
Width= 3×2×2.5= 15 inch.
  1. Collar band:
Length= 17×2×2.5=85 inch.
Width= 1×2×2.5= 5inch.
  1. Shoulder:
Length= 20×2×2.5= 100 inch.
Width= 3×2×2.5= 15inch.
  1. Arm hole:
Length= 16×2×2.5×2= 160 inch.
O/L= 16×1×9×2= 288 inch.
  1. Cuff:
Length= 10×3×2.5×2 = 150 inch.
Width= 3×2×2. ×2= 30 inch.
  1. Upper placket:
Length= 6×1×2.5×2= 30 inch.
  1. Lower placket.
Length= 6×1×2.5×2= 30 inch.
  1. Box plate:
Length= 1.5 ×2×2.5×2= 15 inch.
Width= 0.5×2×2.5×2= 10 inch.
  1. Label:
Width= 1×1×2.5×3= 7.5 inch.
  1. Side seam:
Length= 25×2×2.5×2= 20 inch.
  1. Sleeve side seam:
Length= 26×2×2.5×2= 260 inch.
  1. Hem:
Length= 48×1×2.5= 120 inch.
  1. Button hole:
Thread= 10×12= 120 inch.
  1. Button attach:
Thread= 12×5= 60 inch.
  1. Button plate/Facing (Upper and lower):
Length= 30×3×2.5= 225 inch.
Total thread required = 2060.5 inch.
Now divided this amount of thread by 36, then we will get = 57.23 yds.
Now divided this amount of thread by 1.09, then we will get = 52.51m.
So, Total thread consumption of a basic woven shirt is 52.51 meter.


  1. Hello,
    It is really funny news that only 52.81 meter threads required to make a basic woven shirt. May be your consumption calculation has missed some data because a classic long sleeve shirt required at least 175 meter threads whereas short sleeve requires 150 meter threads. Please revise your consumption or do correctly.

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