From the word Merchandise, Merchandising is come. Merchandising is the planning development and presentation of product line for identified target market with regards to prices, assortments, styling and timing. 

Merchandising may be involved in materials manufacturing, apparel manufacturing and retailing levels of apparel business.
Merchandising is the central coordinating point for product line.
Roles of merchandisers or responsibilities of merchandisers are described below: 
                1. Line Planning.
                           i. Evaluating the merchandise mix and for-casting merchandise offerings.
                           ii. Planning merchandise budget.
                           iii. Planning merchandise assortment. 
                2. Line development:
                     i. Line concept.
                     ii. Fashion trend.
                     iii. Group concept. 
3. Product development:
                     i. Creative design.
                     ii. Technical design. 
4. Line presentation:
                     i. At wholesale.
                     ii. At retail. 
5. Costing and pricing. 
6. Sourcing:
                     i. Product.
                     ii. Production. 
7. Coordinating with manufacturing. 
8. Coordinating with quality control. 
9. Coordinating with logistic/ Shipment.