Difference between Broken Draft and Divided Draft

The difference between Broken Draft and Divided Draft are given below:
Broken Draft
Divided Draft
1. This draft can be considered as a modified pointed draft.
1. It is a combination of two or more group of draft.
2. Heald shaft are not divided into two or more groups.
2. Heald shaft are divided into two or more groups and for each groups, suitable draft is chosen.
3. In this draft the direction is reversed the first thread of the next group is started higher or lower than the last thread of proceeding group.
3. More frequently interweaving threads are kept in the front heald shaft.
4. Used for producing herringbone twills, diaper design etc.
4. Used for producing pile weaves, double warp weaved etc.
5. The fabric contains no ornaments or extra yarn.
5. The basic fabric contains extra yarns, which are responsible for creating pile or design.

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