Fabric Forming Method

Fabrics Forming Method is three types. These are:
1. Weaving.
3. Non-Woven.
Weaving: Two or more sets of yarns are interlaced between one another at the right angles into fabric. There is formed a textile structure when two sets of yarns are interlaced with one another at right angles. Which yarns are stands on longitudinal ways these are called warp yarns and width-wise yarns are called weft yarns.
Knitting: One set of yarns are intermeshing with one another into fabrics. There is only one sets of yarns, weft or warp. And the knitting is divided into two types. These are Warp knitted fabric and weft knitted fabric.
Non-Woven: Non-Woven is bonding of fibers, yarns, fabrics or combinations of these into fabric.


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