Static Electricity

Due to friction between two surfaces, a charge is created there is called Static Electricity. These charges can not move from the place to another place. But between the two surfaces the charges can exchanged with one another. Static Electricity is also known as Frictional Electricity.
Theories of Electricity: There are five theories are available. These are,
  1. One fluid theory.
  2. Two fluid theories.
  3. Faradays theory.
  4. Lorentz theory.
  5. Modern theory.
One Fluid theory: According to the theory, a definite quantity of charged fluid of a material. If the fluids are increased then the body will get positive charge and if the fluids are decreased then the body will get negative charge.
Two fluid theories: According to this theory, there are two fluids of opposite charges has a material. Due to friction, one types of fluid flows from one material to another material. And one this way there decreases or increase of charges of two bodies then there produced electricity.
Faradays theory: According to this theory, by moving electron cell there produced static electricity charges. For this, current electricity is obtained.
Lorentz theory: According to this theory, positive and negative charges are two oppositely charged particles, but negative and positive charges are not two different types of fluids.
Modern theory: At present, in everywhere the modern theory is accepted. According to this theory, every atom has a negatively charged electron and positively charged nucleus. In neutral condition the proton and electron are equal. Due to decrease of electron the atom becomes negatively charged if the number of electrons increased. From higher level portion to lower level the electrons are flows until the energy levels same. Thus charge transfer is occurred by electron transfer.
Problems for Static Electricity: The problems for static electricity are given below,
  1. There is a difficulty in the opening of a parachute due to opposite charges attract one another. This will cause two parts of garments to adhere together.
  2. Difficult to handle materials due to similar charges repel one another.
  3. Static electricity attracts dirt, dust for charged formed from atmosphere.
  4. From other charged bodies the charged bodies are attracted.
  5. Give shock to people due to accumulation of large amount of static charge. Etc.


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