Garments Dyeing Machine

Garments Dyeing Machine can be classified into two groups based on their construction:
  1. Pedal Garments Dyeing Machine.
  2. Rotary Garments Dyeing Machine.
Pedal Garments Dyeing Machine: Pedal Garments Dyeing Machine is the oldest type of Garments Dyeing Machine. For woolen knitwear this type of machine was primarily used. This type of machine can also divided into two sub-groups based on their design of pedal used. a) Over head pedal dyeing machine. b) Side pedal dyeing machine. This machines liquor ratio is very high and manual labor involvement is also high.

Rotary Garments Dyeing Machine: To move the garments and liquor in the machine during dyeing Rotary Garments Dyeing Machine has a perforated rotatable drum. Rotary Garments Dyeing Machine has two big cylinders which one inside another. The outer drum or cylinder is fixed with the floor. Inner drum is perforated and able to rotate both clockwise and anti clockwise directions. Inner drum can rotate at a speed of 5 to 35 rpm. Inner cylinder or drum has three triangular shaped bar located at a distance of 120 degree.