Classification of Knitting Machine

Knitting machine mainly two types. They are:
  1. Weft Knitting Machine.
  2. Warp Knitting Machine.
Weft knitting machine can be also divided into three types. They are:
i. Flatbar.
ii. Straight bar.
iii. Circular.
Flatbar can be also divided into four types. They are:
  1. Flat bet.
  2. V-bed.
  3. Single bed.
  4. Unidirectional.
Straight bar can be also divided into two types. They are:
  1. Single needle.
  2. Double needle.
Circular can be divided into two types. They are:
  1. Revolving cylinder.
  2. Circular bearded single jersey.
Revolving cylinder can be also divided into two types. They are:
  • Sinker top open top single jersey.
  • Cylinder and dil.
Circular bearded single jersey can be also divided into two types. They are:
  • Sinker wheel.
  • Loop wheel.
Warp knitting machine can be also divided into two types. They are:
i. Raschel.
ii. Tricot.


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