Overlock Sewing Machine

For seaming, edging or hemming the overlock machine is perfect which sew the one or two pieces of cloth. After sew the fabric overlock machine cut the edge of the fabric. In North America this is called Sergers. But there is some overlock machine which not included cutter. Cutters helps to done the work very fast, easily and quickly. Overlock machine is not same as lockstitch sewing machine which uses loopers fed by multiple thread cones rather than a bobbin. The RPM of overlock machine is 1000 to 9000. Overlock sewing machine is also can be used for construction, reinforcement or decoration.

In 1881 the Merrow Machine Company invented the overlock stitching machine. J. Makens Merrow and his son Joseph Merrow, they owns a knitting mill which was established in Connecticut in 1838. They developed huge technological advancements which they used in there mills operation. After then many companies established different overlock sewing machine. In 1964, Juki Corporation was the leading overlock sewing machine company. Throughout the 1980s Japanese and Chinese sewing machine production came to dominate the industry. And now the Americans called this Serger but other countries still called this Overlock. 

Classification of Overlock Sewing Machine: There are many types of Overlock Sewing Machines. By the use of threads the overlock sewing machine is classified. Generally 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 thread formation machines are used in Industry. All of these have different benefits. Such as,
1) For good textile finishing the 1 thread overlock sewing machine is used end-to-end seaming or butt-seaming.

2) 2 thread overlock sewing machine is the common type of overlock stitch. To edging and seaming specially on woven and knit fabrics, stitching elastic and lace to lingerie and etc.

3) 3 thread overlock machine is used to sewing pintucks, finishing fabric edges, seaming kint or woven fabrics etc.

4) 4 thread overlock machine is mainly used as decorative edging and finishing, seaming high-stress areas, mock safety stitches which create extra strength while retaining flexibility.

5) 5 thread overlock sewing machine require 20cm thread to sew 1cm fabric.

Overlock stitch formation:

1. When the needle enters the fabric, a loop is formed in the thread at the back of the needle.

2. As the needle continues its downward motion into the fabric, the lower looper begins its movement from left to right. The tip of the lower looper passes behind the needle and through the loop of thread that has formed behind the needle.

3. The lower looper continues along its path moving toward the right of the serger. As it moves, the lower thread is carried through the needle thread.

4. While the lower looper is moving from left to right, the upper looper advances from right to left. The tip of the upper looper passes behind the lower looper and picks up the lower looper thread and needle thread.

5. The lower looper now begins its move back into the far left position. As the upper looper continues to the left, it holds the lower looper thread and needle thread in place.

6. The needle again begins its downward path passing behind the upper looper and securing the upper looper thread. This completes the overlock stitch formation and begins the stitch cycle all over again.

Mainly overlock sewing machines are traditionally used for light seaming and edging. Other applications are,

  1. Sewing netting.
  2. Flat-locking.
  3. Edging emblems.
  4. Butt-seaming is used for joining the ends of piece goods.
  5. Decorative edging.
  6. Purl stitching.
  7. Rolled hemming.


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