Work Study

Work Study is the analysis of operations required to produce a specific product. Say for example: a style of a garment.

Work Study is determined as the synthetic, objective, critical and imaginative examination of all factors governing the operational efficiency of any specific production activity in order to achieve improvements.

There are two specialized techniques or ways for work study. They are:

  1. Method analysis or study.
  2. Work measurement.

Method analysis or study: An investigative technique used for determining the best way of design and job. The systematic recording, examination, improvement of doing a work in order to develop a better method.

Work Measurement: Its purpose is to establish how long a job/task should take. It is the name given to various techniques used to determine the time necessary for a trained worker to carry out a specified job either at “Standard Pace” or at “Incentive Pace” to an acceptable develops of quality.


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