The process of to separate the seeds from the cotton fiber is known as Ginning. And to separate the seeds from the cotton fiber without any damage of fibers is known as Ideal Ginning.
Objectives of Ginning:
1.      To make the fiber very free from the seed.
2.      To be confident that the fibers do not contain seed.
3.      To collect the fibers and seeds at a time in separate passage.
4.      To grow quality fibers and to get fair price of the product.
5.      To make the spinning process easier and effective.
Ginning may have some faults. These are:
1.      Gin-cut fibers.
2.      Crushed seed.
3.      Nep formation.
4.      Too much wastage.

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  1. Bro ginning to add the process details type of machine and how to work the machine


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