The classification of fibers according to their physical characteristics such as strength, maturity, length, trash-content, fineness etc is known as Grading. Different countries have many different Grading for Cotton. Such as:
Grading for U.S.A. Cotton:
1.      Strict good middling.
2.      Good middling.
3.      Strict middling.
4.      Middling.
5.      Strict low middling.
6.      Low middling.
7.      Strict good ordinary.
8.      Good ordinary.
Grading for Egyptian Cotton:
1.      Extra fine.
2.      Fine.
3.      Fully good.
4.      Good.
5.      Fully good fair.
6.      Fully fair.
7.      Fair.
Grading for Indian Cotton:
1.      Super choice.
2.      Choice.
3.      Extra super fine.
4.      Super fine.
5.      Fine.
6.      Fully good.
7.      Good.


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