Knitted Fabric

Mainly knitted fabrics are two types. They are:
  1. Warp knitted fabric.
  2. Weft knitted fabric.
Warp Knitted fabric: The structure of warp knitted each loop in vertical direction which is made from different threads and to the number of loops in horizontal row which the number of thread used to produce such a fabric at least.
Weft knitted fabric: The structure of weft knitted the loops of horizontal row which is made by using thread run or one thread in horizontal direction.

Properties of Knitted Fabrics:
1. No dimensional stability.
  1. It has higher elastic property.
  2. Comfortable to put on.
  3. It has high extensibility and recovery property.
  4. Less labor cost is needed to knit the fabric.
  5. Finishing is advantageous in knitted fabric.
  6. It is very soft.
  7. Ironing is not necessary.
  8. Fold is not created in the fabric.


  1. Vai valo Likso. samne agiye jayou.

  2. A few years back I discovered hand spun and hand dyed yarns. It was love at first sight. Using these beautiful yarns brought so much enjoyment Käsityölaukku


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