Sulphur Dye

To containing sulphur linkage in their molecular structure that’s why they are called Sulphur dyes.
Properties of Sulphur Dyes:
1. Sulphur Dyes water insoluble.
2. Excellent build up properties and economical dyeing.
3. Color fastness properties are good overall such as perspiration fastness, wash fastness. Light fastness etc.
4. To produce only dull shade the shade range is limited.
5. In sulphur dyes there is no red dye.
6. Dyes can be applied by semi-continuous, exhaust, continuous dyeing method.
7. Sulphur dyes are available in liquid, granules and powder forms.
8. The major black dye which is used world wide for dyeing cellulose this is sulphur black.
9. Due to pollution problem of sodium sulphide the conventional dyeing process is not environment friendly.
Mechanism of Sulpher Dyeing:
Steps of Sulphur Dyeing:
1.     Fabric Preparation.
2.     Preparation of dye solution.
3.     Dyeing.
4.     Oxidation.
5.     After-treatments
6.     Dyed goods.
Disadvantage of Sulphur Dyes:
1.     Dullness or Bronziness of Shade.
2.     Tendering.


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