Grading of Tossa Jute Fiber

Grading of Tossa Jute
  1. Bangla Tossa special (BT Special): Uniform reddish or golden color, finest, very good luster, clean cut and completely free from any defects.
  2. Bangla Tossa-A (BT-A): Grey to golden color, fine strong luster, clean cut.
  3. Bangla Tossa-B (BT-B): Light to medium grey color, sufficient clean, good luster, clean cut.
  4. Bangla Tossa-C (BT-C): Mixed color, average strength, well cut and free from blank root ends.
  5. Bangla Tossa-D (BT-D): Mixed color, average strength. Slightly croppy and free from blank root ends.
  6. Bangla Tossa-E (BT-E): Any color, any strength, rough cut, dark center permissible.


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