Man Made Fiber

Man Made Fiber is made by regeneration system. Its number of molecular weight is limited. Man Made Fiber is non hygienic. Man Made Fiber is uncomfortable to wear. Man Made Fiber can be made as our expected form. It’s totally controlled by man. Man Made Fiber is also known as Synthetic fiber.
Forms of Man Made Fiber
  1. Filament.
  2. Staple.
  3. Filament tow.
Filament: Filament fibers are spun spinnerets with 350 holes or less is determined by the size of yarn to be made. Filament is two types. These are,
    1. Mono filament.
    2. Multi filament.
Staple: Staple fiber is on short length are made from filament which are spun from large spinnerets with as many 3000 holes, usually is length is 100 times longer than its thick.
Filament tow: The product of 100 or more spinnerets is collected into large rope of fibers called filament tow.
Chemical and physical modification of Man Made Fiber:
  1. Adding substance to the polymer or to spinning solution:
    1. Delusturant agent.
    2. Optical brightening agent.
    3. Light stabilizer.
  2. Changing size and shape of spinneret roles:
    1. For carpet fibers.
    2. For multi fibers.
  3. After treatment high tenacity fibers are produced by drawing.
Flow chart of Man Made Fiber Production:
  1. Manufacturing of the fiber forming polymer
  2. Spinning (Extrusion through spinneret).
  3. Stretching/Drawing (Improving strength and crystallinity).
  4. Texturing (Developing natural fiber properties).
  5. Intermingling (Applied twisting).
  6. Heat setting (Made dimensionally stable).


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