Matt Rib Weave

The weaves are also variously known as ‘hopsack’ or ‘basket’ weaves. The hopsack weave a variation of the plain weave, uses two or more warp and/or two or more weft yarn side by side as one yarn.
Feature of Matt Rib Weave:
  1. The Matt rib structures result from extending the plain weave in both directions.
  2. In case of regular Matt rib the plain weave extended equally in the warp and weft direction.
  3. In case of irregular Matt rib the plain weave is extended unevenly in the warp and weft direction.
  4. The Matt rib weave cloth has a greater resistance to tearing.
  5. Matt rib tends to give smooth surface fabric.
  6. In the repeat size of the Matt weave the numbers of warp and weft yarns are equal.
  7. There are four types of Matt weave, such as Regular, Irregular, Stitch and Fancy Matt.


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