Metallic Fiber

A metallic fiber is composed of metal, plastic, metal coated plastic. E.g.: Silver hair ribbon.
These fabrics were all made by beating sheets of metal gold, silver or copper until thin and then cutting in strips.
End uses of Metallic Fiber:
  1. Women dresses.
  2. Foot wear.
  3. Shoe laces, table lines.
  4. Used for decorative purpose.

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  1. Metal fibers eliminate static electricity and heat. Some fibers are magnetic or reflect microwave radiation. Metal fibers are used in combination with other fibers in clothing, home furnishings, and carpet decoration and for stable electrical control. Woven metal fabric is also used as screening. These fibers belong to the Hibiscus genus and have the same commercial value as jute fiber in the global fiber market. These two fiber plants are also widely cultivated in Bangladesh. After shining silver, we are referring to these fibers as silver fibers.
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