Pigments are organic coloring matter mostly mineral origins have been used for printing (for coloration).
Wood, metal, stone and textile substrate to produce very attractive and brilliant shade.
Pigment may be organic and inorganic in nature. In Bangladesh more than 80% printing is done by using these pigments.
1.      Quinacridone.
2.      Perelene perinone.
3.      Purocoline.
4.      Di-oxazine.
5.      Fluorubine.
6.      ISO-indoline etc.
Properties/Characteristics of pigments:
  1. Pigments should have good covering power.
  2. Pigments should be chemically intert.
  3. Pigments should have freely mixing properties.
  4. Pigments should have good resistance to acid.
  5. Pigments should have good resistance to solvent.
  6. Pigments should have good wet, light and abrasion resistance.


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