Sample Management

A small part of product which represents the whole production. A sample is a limited quantity of something which is intended to be similar to and represents a large amount of those things.

Stages of Sample:

Proto Sample: Greeks “proto” means original. The sample which is made according the live sample/Design/Sketch as buyer has sent is called proto sample. This sample is sent to the buyer before order purchase to ensure the buyer about the quality of his/her product.


a.       Original fabric must be used.

b.      Original trims and accessories must be used.

c.       Original print, embroidery, wash must be used.

Fit Sample: Fit is the brief form of fittings. Before start the large production buyer wants to check the fittings. i.e. measurement and shape of his/her garments. For that purpose a number of samples are sent to buyer. This is called fit sample.


  1. Available fabric may be used.
  2. No trims and accessories are used.

Size-set sample: To check the size-wise measurement variation a number of sample of each have to send to buyer for his/her approval. This sample is called size set sample.


  1. Available/original fabric may used.
  2. Accessories and trims may or may not be used.
Pre-production sample (P.P. Sample): Pre-production sample is very important for buyer approval. Before starting large production a set of sample of each or specified size are sent to buyer to ensure him/her about which garments are going to be started for production. It should be bear in mind of manufacturer that without approval P.P. sample, large production should not be started.


  1. Original fabric must be used.
  2. Original trims and accessories must be used.
  3. Original print, embroidery, wash must be used. 
Production Sample: Production sample is very important regarding production situation. When 5% products are produced. A number of sample must sent to buyer to identify any kind of fault regarding sewing, finishing. This sample is called production sample. From this buyer is ensured that the produced garments are within quality range.
Shipment Sample: When the garments are ready to be shipped after final inspection, then a set of sample is sent to the buyer to ensure him/her that what products will be coming in ship from shipment sample buyer has no nothing to check and he keeps it for future reference. 


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