Dyeing of cotton with basic dye

Basic dyes are applied to cotton or cellulosic fiber, because cellulosic fibers have no affinity to basic dye.
Therefore, the dyeing of cotton with basic dye is performed in the following three steps:
  1. Mordanting.
  2. Fixing.
  3. Dyeing.
Mordanting: The pretreated cotton fabric should be pretreated with the following recipe:
            Mordant (Tannic acid) = 4% OWF.
            M: L ratio = 1:10
Time = 2hour.
Temperature = 100ºC
Fixing: The mordanted cellulose is treated with tarter-ematic acid to fix the linkage formed between cotton and tannic acid. The following recipe can be used for fixing.
            Tarter-ematic acid = 2% OWF.
            Temperature = 100ºC.
M: L ratio = 1:20.
Time = 30min.
Dyeing: Mordanted cellulosic has a strong affinity to basic dye. The dyeing of mordanted cellulosic can be carried out by the following recipe.
            Basic dye = 2% OWF.
            Acetic acid = 1% OWF.
M: L ratio = 1:20.
Temperature = 100ºC.
Time = 1hour.


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