Marker Efficiency

Marker efficiency is a very important term in case of garments production. Marker efficiency is directly related to fabric cutting and how much fabric may wastage during fabric. The marker planner measures his success by the efficiency can be defined as follows:
1. Marker efficiency is defined as the area occupied by the patterns in the marker expressed as percentage to total area of the marker plan.
2. Marker efficiency =area of pattern in the marker plan/ total area of the marker plan.
Factors of marker efficiency:
The higher the marker efficiency the lower the fabric wastage makes the definite number of garments for a particular design.  The half of cost to make garment is paid for its fabric. So it 1% of marker increased results increase in profits for this reasons. The increment of marker efficiency is so much important.
The factors are:
1.      Marker planer
2.      Size of garments
3.      Marker length
4.      Pattern engineering
5.      Fabric characteristics
6.      Method of marker making
7.      Marker width
8.      Style of garment.


  1. Marker efficiency is one of the measurement that every factory should take very seriously. Little gains in Marker efficiency can save a lot of fabric


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