Fabric Spreading

Fabric spreading means to spread the fabric in a systematic way. It is a process by which plies of fabric is spreaded in order to get required length and width as per marker dimension. This is preparatory operation for cutting of the fabric. 
Objects of Fabric Spreading:
  1. To place the number of fabric plies to the length of the marker plan correctly aligned as to the length and width.
  2. To cut garments in large scale and saving fabric through the use of multi garments marker plan and the saving in cutting time per garment that result from cutting many piles at the same time.
  3. To make every ply flat and plane.
  4. At correct tension.
Factors of Fabric Spreading:
  1. Alignment of the fabric plies: Fabric plies should be aligned according to the marker length and marker width.
  2. Correct ply tension: To prepare the lay of the fabric, during fabric spreading its base condition to maintain the correct ply tension.
  3. Fabric must be flat: During fabric spreading it should be carefully noticed that there is no and fold or crinkle in the fabric.
  4. Elimination of fabric fault: The fold of fabric must be indicated during spreading and necessary steps should be taken to remove these faults. It is the duty of the operator.
  5. Correct ply direction: During fabric spreading it is very important to detect what type of fabric it is and spread the fabric with correct ply direction.
  6. Elimination of static electricity: In fabric spreading static charge may produced due to friction specially the fabric containing the man-made fiber like polyester, nylon etc. To overcome the problem we should take following steps:
                                                              i.      To use the antifriction paper,
                                                            ii.      To increase the moisture of cutting room,
                                                          iii.      To use silicon finish in cutting blade.
  1. To avoid the fashion between fabric layer: In case of cutting of fabric lay by cutting knife, friction may be produced between lay and cutting knife which contains thermo plastic fibers may fused due to heat generation. To avoid these problem previous steps should be taken.
  2. Matching check and stripe: During fabric spreading it should be carefully noticed that checked and stripe should be matched otherwise garments may be fault.
  3. Easy separation of the cut lay into bundles: Identification marks are used in plies due to color or shade variation.


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