Method of Fabric Spreading

The Method of Fabric Spreading are describe below:
1.     Manual method: This method is three types:
a.     By hand
b.     By hook
c.      Spreading truck with the help of operator.
2.     Mechanical method: This method is two types:
a.     Semiautomatic
b.     Full automatic
By Hand: Fabric roll is spreaded on the table by two laborers according to the length & width of marker. Sometimes it is done by entering a rod which is made by wood or metal in the center paper table which is present in the center of the fabric roll.
By Hook: In this process the top of the table on which the fabric is spreaded is set at 10ยบ angle perpendicularly. The hook which placed on the upper face of the table is 15cm long and the hook is joined with one end of selvedge of the fabric. After completing the spreading of fabric, the top of the table is set again. The hooks are displaced and the marker is spreaded on the fabric lay.
Spreading truck with the help of operator: There is a spreading truck on the one end of the spreading table in which the fabric roll is placed. Then the truck is operated by hand from one end to the other end of the table & with the same time the fabric is open out from the fabric roll and the fabric is spreaded according to the length and width.
Semiautomatic: Spreading machine is run on the rails which are placed at two side of fabric spreading table surface and operated by motor. Fabric roll is set in a predetermined place of the machine. The machine is run from one side to the other side of table by using electrical and mechanical motion and fabric is spreaded to make lay.
Full automatic: This is the improvement of semiautomatic machine. There are so many advantages of this machine to make fabric lay because this machine is operated by controlling with the help of robot and micro processor.


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