Pattern is a hard paper on which different component of garments of a particular style are sketched according to the measurement of the garments.
Grading of pattern: Pattern grading is the scaling of a pattern to a different size by incrementing important points of the pattern using an algorithm in the clothing and. According to countries, pattern grading includes USA's, EUR's, UK's, and CHN's. Generally, pattern grading adjusts for people of different ages and genders.
Types of pattern: There are two types of pattern. They are-
1.     Working     pattern
2.     Production pattern
Working pattern: Working pattern is made according to the exact dimension of particular style without allowance. This is use for sample making.
Production pattern: Production pattern is made according to the exact dimension of particular style with allowance. This is used for garments production.  
Method of pattern making: There are two type of pattern making. These are:
i.                   Flat method.
ii.                 Modeling method.
Flat method: In this method the pattern of different parts of garments are made by technological drawing by manual or computerized method. In this method fast pattern is possible.
Modeling method: It is a very old &widely used method. In this method block made by standard body measurement of dummy is called toile. Toile is warned out from the body of dummy &individual pattern is drawn on hard paper. It is very efficient but higher time is required.
Difference between working & production pattern: The difference between working and production pattern is given below:
Working Pattern
Production Pattern
1. This pattern is made according to the exact dimension without allowance.
1. This pattern is made according to the exact dimension with allowance.
2. It is used to produce sample garments.
2. It is used for large production of garments.
3. No cutting, sewing, trimmings mark and allowance have been given.
3. Cutting, sewing, trimmings mark and allowance has been given.
4. No grading is done.
4. Grading is done.


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