Fabric Lay

Types of Fabric Lay:
According to the construction fabric lay is two types. These are:
1.     Straight lay
2.     Stepped lay
According to the direction of spreading fabric lay is three types. These are:
1.     From right to left
2.     From right to right
3.     Zigzag lay
Straight Lay: Every ply is placed according to the marker length. It is most common and most of the garments are used this type of lay.
straight lay

Stepped lay: Every ply is not spreaded according to the full length of marker but in stepped manner. It is needed different types of marker for steeped lay.
stepped lay
From right to left: This type of lay is more wide and open. Fabric is always spreaded in the same direction. 
from right to left

From right to right: This type of lay is more wide and open so that more useful. It is needed for special spreading machines to make this lay.
from right to right lay

Zigzag lay: Fabric is spreaded without cutting from one end to the other according to marker length and this is continued. Is this way zigzag lay is made. This type of lay is more used in garments industries. It is not good for asymmetric fabric.


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    Nice article. Could u pls share that which type of fabric lay we can use for stripe and check fabric for easy matching.

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