Batch Plan

Production planning for dyeing is called Batch Plan. According to the batch number, color, width, style and construction the batch plan is made. For easy understand, this section gives some ‘T’ cards. ‘T’ cards are serialized according to the priority of delivery. The batches and ‘T’ cards are also serialized as to dye light shade at first and lastly the dark shades, since faulty shade and can be converted to dark color later.

Process sequence of batch preparation:
1. Receive batch card from Grey-In-Charge.
2. Make the priority as per dyeing.
3. Take one specific batch card.
4. Check the availability of the fabric.
5. Take required quantity of body fabric from ware-house.
6. Make required no-rope maintaining equal length.
7. Take collar/cuff as per size, keep the total weight.
8. Distribute collar/cuff/rib in each rope equally ensure equal length.
9. Stitch the fabric.
10. Write down the weight against roll number in the back side of batch card.
11. Write the total weight in batch card.
12. Put signature and date.
13. Fill up the production report form.

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