Caustic Wash

Generally Caustic wash is done on printed garments, sulphur dye, reactive dye or direct dyed garments. Reasons required for caustic wash.
The reasons are:
  1. To remove the size materials.
  2. To remove the starch from the garments.
  3. To fading/old looking affect on garment and seam abrasion affection seam area.
  4. To increase the rubbing fastness and also color fastness.
  5. For soft feeling to wear the garments.
  6. To increase the garments hairiness.
  7. To achieve the buyer reference sample.
Washing process of Caustic wash:
The caustic washing processes of batch of 80kg twill/canvas garments are described below:
Step 1:
Lot size = 80kg.
Water = 640liter.
Run the machine.
Add caustic soda = 1.60 gm/liter.
Add detergent = 0.8gm/liter.
Temperature = 50-60ºC.
Time = 20-60min (Time will depend on shade).
Drop the liquor.
Cold wash for 3 minute.
 Step 2:
Neutral wash.
Water add = 400liter.
Add acetic acid = 1gm/liter.
Time = 5min.
Step 3:
Add water = 480liter.
Run the machine.
Add acetic acid = 0.5gm/liter.
Add flax softener = 0.6gm/liter.
Use silicone for softness = 0.6gm/liter.
Time = 10-20min.
Drop the liquor.
Unload the garments on trolley.
Step 4: In this step we used hydro-extractor machine. To remove the excess water from the garments we use hydro-extractor machine about 2-4minutes.
Step 5: In this step we used steam dryer/gas dryer.
Load on steam dryer = 50kg.
Run the machine.
Temperature = 60-70ºC.
Time = 40-50min for dry.
Time = 10-15min for cold dry.
Step 6:
When drying complete the garments go to the quality section to checking the quality, good quality garments will be delivery and deep shade again rewash, other quality garment rectify then delivery.


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