Cotton History

cotton-historyThe most common fiber is cotton which is widely used in this world. To attain commercial importance the cotton is the last natural fiber. The Greek historian Herodotus in the fifth century he reported that among the valuable products in India was the wild plant that bears fleece as its fruit.
By the Alexander the Great who introduced cotton from India to Greece on the following century. For awnings and sails as well as for clothing the Greeks and Romans used cotton from very early.
In the new world, for weaving in the pre-Columbian period the Mexicans used cotton. In West Indies the cotton textiles was found and also in South America in 15th and 16th centuries. By the early American colonists the cotton was cultivated. American inventor Eli Whitney in 1793, the cotton gin is introduced. After invented cotton gin the cotton became the most important staple fiber in the world for quantity, economy and utility. Jelly-like consistencies have undeveloped cotyledons. When cotyledons developed the cotton became firm and leaf like.


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