Spinning: Spinning is three types. These are:
1.     Melt spinning.
2.     Dry spinning.
3.     Wet spinning.
Melt Spinning: The process of spinning by which fiber or filament is produced from melted polymer chips by extruding though spinning continuous filament produced here.

melt spinning process

1.     The polymer should not be volatile.
2.     The melting point of polymer should be 30ÂșC less than its decomposition temperature.
1.     Can be used for both staple and continuous filament.
2.     Direct and simple process.
3.     No environment pollution.
4.     High production speed (2500-3000) ft/min.
5.     Low investment cost.
1.     Required more proper maintained of machine.
2.     Heat of input is high.
Dry spinning: In dry spinning the fiber forming polymer dissolved in a volatile solvent is introduced into a heated chamber where the solvent is evaporated and solid fiber is obtained through spinneret.
dry spinning process

Dry spinning solvent:
Methylene chloride40%+methyl formide10%
di-methyl formamide or di-methyl acctamide
Properties of solvent:
1.     It should be volatile
2.     It should be organic
3.     It should have low boiling temp
4.     It should have comparatively cheap
5.     It should be non-toxic
Wet spinning process:
wet spinning process

1.     suitable for staple fiber
2.     Low temp required
3.     Both organic & inorganic solvent can be used
1.     Slow production (150-200ft/min) speed                                     
2.     washing of fiber are needed
3.     Toxic

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