Why cotton fiber is very popular?

The reasons of why cotton fiber is very popular are given below:
1. Capacity to absorb moisture: Removing of wax coating from the fiber during processing of cotton readily absorbs moisture and that time the cotton allows the moisture to evaporate. Evaporation makes the cotton fiber very comfortable to wear, because cotton allows the human body to breath. Strength: When we dry the cotton its take more time than other fibers. However, the cotton fiber is very stronger when the condition is wet than dry. It means we can wash frequently any kind of cotton products.
2. Minimal build up of static electricity: Due to friction all kinds of fiber acquire small charges of static electricity. Cotton has lower static electricity due to friction than other fibers. For this cotton fiber does not attract dirt or dust than other fibers.
3. Absorbency: When we washed out the fabric the dirt is removed due to fiber penetration of water. To keep clean the cotton is washed very easy.
4. Conductivity: To heat cotton is a very good conductor. That’s why to wearing the cotton fabric is very comfortable.
5. Good reaction to chemicals: With many textile finished the cotton can be treated to improve its performance and enhance its appearance.
6. Versatility: Into a wide range of fabric the cotton can be woven and knitted.
7. Appearance: Easily changed the appearance of cotton. For example: Embossing, Mercerization, bleaching, glazing etc.
8. Other qualities: There are huge qualities or properties such as stain-repellence, Shrink –resistance, Crease-resistance, water-repellence and flame-resistance. These are also processing to build up the cotton more special.


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