Thread Consumption of Basic Denim Pant

In textile industry there are different types of sewing machines. Each machine never needs fixed amount thread to stitch. Different types of stitch need different amount of thread. Explain below,
Machines Name
Thread Required per inch in inch
Plain machine one needle
Double thread chain stitch
Over lock three thread
Over lock four thread
Over lock five thread
Flat lock three thread
Flat lock five thread
Bartak machine
Button hole machine
Button attach m/c (2 eyes)
Button attach m/c( 4 eyes)
Thread Consumption of a basic denim pant (Here every measurement in inch):
  1. Length (Outside) = 36×1×2.5×2= 180 inch.
For Lock stitch= 36×9×1×2= 648 inch.
  1. Length (Inside) = 28.5×1×2.5×2= 142.5 inch.
For Lock stitch= 28.5×9×1×2= 513 inch.
  1. Waist= 34×6×2.5= 510 inch.
  2. Belt length = 2.5×2×2.5×5= 62.5 inch.
  3. Bartake width = 0.75×12×2×5= 90 inch.
  4. Pocket (Opening) = 7×2×2.5×2= 70 inch.
  5. Coin pocket width = 3.2×2×2.5×1= 16 inch.
  6. Coin pocket length = 3×2×2.5×1 = 15 inch.
  7. Pocket back = 7×9×2×1= 126 inch.
  8. Back pocket width= 7.2×4×2.5×2= 144 inch.
  9. Back pocket length= 6×4×2.5×2= 120 inch.
  10. Pocket bartake= 1×4×12= 48 inch.
  11. Yoke= 10×2×2.5×2×3= 300 inch.
  12. Top seam= 6.6×2.5×2×1= 33 inch.
  13. Bartake= 0.5×2×12×1= 12 inch.
  14. Upper ply= 7×2×2.5×1= 35 inch.
  15. Lower ply= 6.2×1×2.5×1= 15.5 inch.
  16. Bartake= 1.2×12×1= 14.4 inch.
  17. Front rise= 4×2×2.5×1= 20 inch.
  18. Front bartake= 0.5×12×1= 6 inch.
  19. Back rise= 12×2×2.5×3= 180 inch.
  20. Ply= 7×3×9×3= 567 inch.
  21. Mouth stitch= 3×1×2.5×1= 7.5 inch.
  22. Leg opening= 16×3×2×2.5= 240 inch.
  23. Zipper thread= 6×3×2.5×1= 45 inch.
  24. Button hole= 2×1×12×1= 24 inch.
  25. Batch= 5.2×2×2.5×1= 26 inch.
Total thread required = 4243.4 inch.
Now divided this amount of thread by 36, then we will get= 117.88 yards.
Now divided this amount of thread by 1.09, then we will get= 108.15meter.
So, Total thread consumption of a basic denim pant is 108.15 meter.


  1. plz explain in terms of needle and bobbin thread factor

  2. some consumption is wrong
    example over lock 3 thread 4 thread 5 thread
    i think it has wrong

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