Ballon Theory

The rotation applied to departing yarn drawing at high speed of the yarn unwinding from a stationary spinning cop, the yarn is thrown by centrifugal force away from the cop axis and circumscribes in space of plane is called ballon. It is characterized by the height ‘h’ as shown in figure.
In the process of yarn unwinding from the cop every element of the yarn in the ballon performs a complicated movement around the cop axis.
The shape of ballon depends on the tension of yarn at the unwinding from the cop. Grishin’s formula for the tension generated in the ballooning yarn states that “the yarn tension is a function of the ballon height as well as other factors which need not be considered here”.
Factors influence or affect the size of ballon:
  1. Count of yarn:
Finer count ↑ VS higher ballon size↑
Coarser count↑ VS ballon size↓
  1. Winding and unwinding speed:
Higher speed↑ VS higher ballon size↑
  1. Size and shape of the package:
Larger package↑ VS greater ballon size↑
  1. Position of guide:
Greater distance↑ VS higher ballon size↑
  1. Lift of the package:
Larger package↑ VS ballon size↑

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  1. there is mistake at point 3 , IT should be : larger the yarn package size - lower the balloone size


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