Garments Dyeing with Reactive Dyes (Hot Brand)

Wetting agent = 0.5-1 g/L
Sequestering agent = 0.-1 g/L
Anti-foaming agent = 0.5-1 g/L
Dyes = X%
Glauber salt = Y g/L
Alkali = Z g/L
Time = 30-60 minute
Temperature = 90-100ÂșC
pH = 10.5-11

Shade (X) %
Up to 1%
Salt (Y)
20-40 g/L
40-60 g/L
60-80 g/L
Alkali (Z)
5-10 g/L
10-15 g/L
15-20 g/L

 Process Curve: 
garments dyeing with reactive dyes

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