Gas Singeing Machine

This is the most commonly used process for both woven and knit fabrics.
Singeing Procedure:
  1. This machine can singed both parts/sides.
  2. At first the fabric is drawn on to the guide roller and the brushing is done on the both sides of the fabric, so that flying fibers strands sufficiently.
  3. Then the fabric is passed over the burner. The height of the flame depends upon the fineness and coarseness and speed of the fabric.
  4. After singeing the fabric is immersed in the water or desizing tank to prepare the next process.
Advantage of gas singeing machine: The advantage of gas singeing machine is given below,
  1. Uniform temperature ensure to proper singeing.
  2. Both side of the fabric can be singed.
  3. As the process is continuous, there is no hamper in production.
  4. After singeing, fabrics are easily cleaned.
  5. Standard process.
  6. Ideal singeing.
Disadvantage of gas singeing machine: The disadvantage is gas singeing machine is given below,
  1. The burner can produce spot on the fabric.
  2. This is not suitable for synthetic fabric.
  3. Due to inconsistent of fabric speed, it may be burnt.
Possible causes of defects of gas singeing and its precaution:
  1. The speed of the fabric must be consistent with the flame height otherwise fabric may be burnt.
  2. Synthetic blend must be operated carefully. Otherwise uneven dyeing may occur during dyeing process.
  3. Fabric may be burnt due to power failure. So automatic gas burner stopping must necessary.
  4. Burner should be clean, otherwise singed fabric will be faulty and as a result stripe found during dyeing.
  5. The fabric must be evenly dried before singeing.


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