Scouring of Man Made Fiber

Man made fiber are comparatively free from impurities and so much milder methods of scouring are applied for them,
  1. Nylon:
i. Synthetic detergent = 1.5-2 parts/L.
ii. Sodium Carbonate = 0.5-1.5 parts/L.
iii. Washing start temperature = 20-30ºC (Normal).
         = 70-80ºC (Non-heat set).
         = 90-100ºC (for heat set).
  1. Acrylic fiber: 1% Non ionic detergent temperature 80ºC.
  2. Rayon/Viscose:
i. Soap/Detergent = 0.3%.
ii. Na2CO3 = 1%.
iii. Temperature = 80-90ºC.
Acrylic fiber is the main element of our sweeter.


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