How to Dye Cotton Yarn

There is a long story of Yarn Dyeing. Recent days to a craft project, hand dyed yarn can add a personal touch. To dye different types of yarn you can use many more natural materials including powdered drinks and flowers. There is 11 steps to dye cotton yarn which I described below.
  1. Buy the yarn: At first buy the yarn in a hank, not a ball. A hank had long twist and braid. You must have to ensure that the yarn should be dyeable cotton. To ensure this just check the label.
  2. Prepare the detergent to clean the yarn:
    1. Fill a bath with clean water. There should be enough water to submerge the yarn, ever yarn absorbed water by yarn.
    2. Put detergent into the water. To remove excess dyes from textile is the main purpose of using detergent. Also detergent keeps the color from bleeding.
  3. Soak the yarn in the detergent solution: Soaking the yarn will ensure that it is clean, and that all colors or substances that hinder the dyeing process are washed away.
    1. Place the hank of yarn into the bucket of water and soap. Use rubber gloves when handling the yarn. Rubber gloves will keep your hands from being stained with dye or chemicals.
    2. Allow the yarn to soak until it is completely wet, for approximately 1 hour.
  4. Remove the yarn from the bath:
    1. From bath take the yarn out of water and soap.
    2. To remove moisture wring out the hank of yarn.
    3. Empty and rinse the bath.
  5. Prepare the soda ash: Place water and soda ash in the bath. Then mix them. After that just ensure soda ash dissolved.
  6. Soak the yarn in the soda ash solution: To cling the yarn fibers which helped by soda ash. Buy soda ash at a yarn supply or crafts store.
    1. Place the hank of yarn in the bath. Allow the yarn to soak for five minutes.
    2. Remove the yarn.
    3. Twist the yarn with slight pressure to remove moisture.
    4. Lay the yarn on a flat sheet of plastic. Ensure that the yarn is spread evenly in a long line.
  7. Mix the dye.
  8. Combine 1 qt: Combine hot water with urea in a large container. Ensure that the urea dissolves in the water. Urea is a chemical that keeps the yarn wet, ensuring that the dye sticks to the yarn. Urea is available at yarn supply or crafts stores.
    1. Place 1tsp of cold reactive dye into a cup. Cold reactive dye is a dye specially formulated for use with textiles.
    2. Pour just enough water into the cup to make a paste. Mix the dye well.
    3. Add 1 cup of the urea water to the paste.
    4. Use the same procedure for any additional colors you with to use. Mix each color in a separate cup.
  9. Dye the yarn:
    1. Use a foam brush to apply the dye to the yarn. Apply the dye with short sweeping motions. Begin at one end of the yarn and move towards the opposite end. Use a separate foam brush for each color of dye.
    2. Flip the yarn over onto its undyed side when you have reached the end of the line of yarn.
    3. Repeat the application of the dye, moving from one end of the yarn to the other.
    4. Look inside the center portion of the yarn to ensure that all of the yarn has been dyed.
    5. Apply dye to any sports that you missed.
  10. Cover the yarn: Place a plastic sheet over the yarn. Allow the yarn to remain covered for 24 hours.
  11. Remove the excess dye:
    1. Combine 1 tsp textile detergent in a bath with enough water to submerge the hank of yarn.
    2. Remove the plastic sheet from the yarn.
    3. Hold the yarn over a sink.
    4. Pour the soapy water over the yarn. Continue to rinse the yarn until the water is clear. Ensure that the yarn remains as free of tangles as possible.
    5. Twist the yarn gently to remove moisture.
    6. Allow the yarn to dry.


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