Color Fastness

Color Fastness is a resisting property of textile materials. To resist the color loosing or reducing from the textile material surface during different mechanical, physical and chemical treatment is called color fastness.
Importance of color fastness
Color fastness property of textile materials especially fabric is very important for processing and using. It is the property to withstand color reducing from the surface of textile materials during undergoing different process and treatment. If the color fastness property of fabric is not improved it indicates that the fabric was not dyed satisfactorily. On the other hand the chemicals and dyes selected for dyeing are not appropriated as compared to fabric criteria. It can also be said that dyeing process and finishing of the fabric are not improved. As a result, due to lacking of color fastness, there will be shade variation in the fabric which is a major fault in the eye of buyer. More over color bleeding may occur more during washing, rubbing, perspiration etc. If the finished garments are made by this type of fabric of low color fastness property, color will be fade or bleed during washing and using.
Types of color fastness
Color fastness of textile materials can be classified into different way as like
  1. Wash fastness.
  2. Light fastness.
  3. Rubbing fastness.
  4. Fastness to perspiration.


  1. Color fastness of any fabric depends on dyestuff used and the fabric quality also. Also depend on color shade depth as well.:)

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