Drape is the ability of a fabric to assume a graceful appearance in use.
It is an important property of textile materials which allows fabric into a graceful folds or pleats. A fabric is said to possess good drape ability when its configuration is pleasant to the eye.

Measurement of drape
Drape ability of a fabric can be determined using the instrument drape-meter and is expressed as interm of drape co-efficient.
Description and Procedure:
measurement of drape
A circular specimen of diameter 10 inch is supported on a circular disc of diameter area of the fabric drapes over the edge of supporting disc as shown in figure-1. When the fabric is supported, it will assume the folded configuration and the shape of the projected area will not be circular area, but sometimes like the shape shown in figure-2.


  1. Fabric Drape Tester, to measure and calculate the coefficiency of the drape of fabrics using image processing technology. It can be used to test the drape property of all kinds of fabrics.

  2. Fabric Drape Tester(TF118), to measure and calculate the coefficient of drape by tracing a shadow of the draped fabric on paper. Fabric Drape Tester complies with BS EN 9073, BS 5058, ERT 90-1, etc. It will provide you with some help, welcome to contact us.


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