Fabric Handle

Fabric handle as the name itself implies, is concerned with feel of the material and so depends upon the sense of touch. Different types of material will have different degree of smoothness or roughness when the fabric handle is to be judges the sensation for stiffness or hardness or softness, roughness or smoothness are all made use of.
Factors of fabric handle properties:
  1. Weight and density: Weight per unit area (GSM) or unit volume is considered. If the fabric weight is high it will be hard to feel as compared to low weight fabric. Density measures the compactness or relaxation of fabric. It the thread density in the fabric is more it will be more compact to low density.
  2. Surface friction: It refers to resistance to be slipping either on the finger or on another piece of fabric. For balanced fabric surface friction should be adjustable. Otherwise it will create problem during processing and using. Fabrics vary in surface friction from harsh to slippery.
  3. Flexibility: It refers case of squeezing of a fabric. Fabrics vary in compressibility from pliable to stiff.
  4. Compress ability: It refers case of squeezing of a fabric. Fabrics vary in compress ability from soft to hard.


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