Types of Commercial Cotton

Types of commercial cotton
1. Sea Island cotton: This is the highest quality and the most valuable of all the commercial cotton. It grows on the coast of the Gulf of Florida in Barbados and in other adjacent island where the climate is favorable.
 i. Length: Average length 2 inch.
ii. Diameter: Average 0.017mm.
iii. Color: White to cream.
    Advantage: It is famous for its uniformity maturity high luster, softness. It can be used for producing higher yarn count.
2. Egyptian cotton: There are two kinds of Egyptian cotton, one brows and other white. Brow Egyptian cotton is like Sea Island cotton.
i. Length: 1.5 to 1.75 inch.
ii. Diameter: Average 0.017mm.
iii. Color: Brown.
    Advantage: Brown Egyptian cotton is very regular and few immature fiber. But white Egyptian cotton is not suitable for higher count.
3. American cotton: This is cultivated in United States.
i. Length: Average 1 to 1.25inch.
ii. Diameter: Average 0.021mm.
iii. Color: Good natural color.
4. Indian cotton: This is a short fiber of between 0.6 to 0.8 inch lengths therefore only suitable for spinning course count.
5. China cotton: This is the lowest grade commercial cotton. The fiber length lies between 0.5 to 0.7 inch. It is twist is not highly developed that’s why it is not suitable for producing better quality yarn.
6. Bangladeshi cotton: Mainly American cotton is producing in Bangladeshi Commercial hybrid types cotton are producing at Meherpur, Kusthia, Jessore, Gazipur, Thakurgaon, Rajshahi and some other district. The quality of Bangladeshi cotton is not suitable for quality textile processing. But their quality is improving day by day.


  1. Good writing. Pima and Supima is another type of quality cotton fiber.

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