Yarn Characteristics

Yarn characteristics exert a distinct effect on pilling, the details of while are described below:
  1. Blend composition: Blend composition has pronounced influence on pilling. Staple fiber has greater tendency to pill formation than filament fiber. Blended material has liability to pilling as compared to the pure material. Further higher proportion o0f synthetic fiber in blends increases pilling.
  2. Count: Higher the count incase of indirect system finer the yarn is which leads the higher pilling in the fabric surface. On the other hand coarser the yarn, resist the pilling due to higher abrasion resistance.
  3. Twist: Twist has direct influence on pilling. The main object of inserting twist into a yarn is to bind the fibers together and to stop slippage of fibers. Thus, increase in twist blends the fiber in the yarn more firmly and hence lower the pilling tendency.
  4. Regularity of yarn: The tendency to pilling greater if thick and thin places are present in the yarn. Because the inserted twist binds the fibers at the thin places lightly than the thick places. Consequently the availability of fibers from thick places increases pill formation.
  5. Yarn hairiness: Higher the hairy fabric in the yarn, the greater the pill formation in the fabric.
  6. Short fibers: Higher the short fiber in the yarn, the greater is the pilling. This is one of the major causes of such fault.


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