Physical Properties of Cotton Fiber

Physical properties of cotton fiber:

1. Length and width: Cotton is the shortest natural fiber used in commercially in the textile industry ranging from 0.5-2.5 inches in length. The width of typical cotton fiber may vary between 12 to 20 microns.
2. Shape: A typical matured raw cotton fiber looks like a flattened tube and the cross section are oval or kidney shape.

3. Strength: Cotton is a moderately strong fiber. Tenacity of cotton fiber is 26.5-44 CN/Tex and extension at break is about 8-10%.

4. Elasticity: Cotton is relatively less elastic fiber. At 2% extension it has an elastic recovery of 74% at 5% extension the elastic recovery is only 45%.

5. Porosity: Cotton fiber is somewhat porous and consequently it absorbs moisture readily.

6. Moisture regains: Cotton has a moisture regain of 8.5%. At 100% humidity, cotton has an absorbency of 25-27%.

7. Color: Normally the color of cotton is creamy white.

8. Handle: Cotton is naturally very soft and comfortable that is why it is particularly favored for garments that get close to the skin.

9. Luster: Cotton fibers have a natural luster which is due to the natural polish on the surface and it’s nearly circular cross sectional shape.


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