Classification of Polymer

Mainly Polymer is two types. These are:
  1. Chain Growth Polymerization.
  2. Step Growth Polymerization.
Chain Growth Polymerization: If many monomers add with each other and create a polymer then that type of polymerization is called Chain Growth Polymerization.
Step Growth Polymerization: If the monomers add end to end and liberate a byproduct is called Step Growth Polymerization. Here molecular weight of monomer and repeat unit is different, bi product my H2O, CO2, NH3 etc.
Difference between Step Growth Polymerization and Chain Growth Polymerization:
Step Growth Polymerization
Chain Growth Polymerization
1. DP low to moderate.
1. DP is too high.
2. Molecular weight increase slowly.
2. Molecular weight increase rapidly.
3. There is no kinetic step.
3. There are two kinetic steps.
4. Bi product formed.
4. No bi product formed.
5. No initiator needed.
5. Initiator needed.
6. Termination does not occur.
6. Termination occurred.
7. Living polymer.
7. Dead polymer, but few are living polymer.


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